Quiz Answers May 2014

A photograph of a 14,000 year old engraving from the Abri de la Roche de Birol appears in the Interpretation of Images article, in the About the Site section of the website.

The symbol is a gǔwén form of radical number 460 qǔ from the Shuōwén Jiězì, meaning a melody.


Image Credits:

Photo of the engraving from the Abri de la Roche de Birol: RMN / Franck Raux: Zd_Roche_Lalinde_01.jpg: Source: Original, Musée National de Préhistoire, Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, France: http://www.nihilum.republika.pl/W_Roche_Lalinde_01.htm: Accessed: 22 August 2012

Gǔwén character: Shuowenjiezi: research tool in Chinese traditional philology: http://www.shuowenjiezi.com/: Accessed: 23 September 2013