Image: Jean Clottes, Jean Courtin, Luc Vanrell
Image: Jean Clottes, Jean Courtin, Luc Vanrell

There is a 24 metre deep shaft immediately to the right of this sign in Grotte Cosquer. The sign is an example of the use of hand signals in cave signage. The hand indicates right. Moreover, it is preceded by several other hand signals, also indicating right. This hand has three prominent stripes, the symbol qián meaning sky from the bāguà. The colour red grabs your attention and is relatively easy to see in poor light.

Author's Note

If you search the Web for bāguà, you will find that the symbols have been interpreted in many different ways. In Cave Script terms, the symbols should just be thought of as a kind of notation.


Image Credit: Jean Clottes, Jean Courtin, Luc Vanrell: Cosquer : une pharmacie de la préhistoire ?, cnrs le journal, No. 186 juillet – août 2005: http://www2.cnrs.fr/journal/2329.htm