Cueva de La Pasiega

The Cueva de La Pasiega is located in the province of Cantabria, Spain. This cave may be as much as 40,000 years old.

Image: Hugo Obermaier
Image: Hugo Obermaier

The picture above is known as The Inscription of La Pasiega. I have included the image here because there is what looks like a pictograph of shackled feet, accompanied by an inverted balance scale. If you invert a balance scale, you can weigh heavier items. This would seem to imply that the crime committed was of a serious nature.


Image Credit: Panel number 49, Gallery B: Hugo Obermaier: Breuil, Henri; Obermaier, Hugo y Alcalde Del Río, Hermilio, 1913: La Pasiega à Puente Viesgo: Ed. A. Chêne, Mónaco: Source: Wikimedia Commons: Accessed: 21 January 2013