Glozel: Urn

Image: Antonin Morlet
Image: Antonin Morlet

This is a drawing of a damaged urn from the Le Glozel site. However, you can still see some writing below the face. My understanding is that such urns were found to contain human remains.

Reading from right to left the symbols are:

Image: Shuowen Jiezi: research tool

The small seal script radical rén, meaning person.

Shí or wǔ X. This is the ideograph of four points and the centre. In the context of the urn, I will translate it as whole.

A pointer, which means this point or herein.

A pictograph of a tomb, meaning buried.


Le dessin d’une tête de homme qui porte une barrette basque: Antonin Morlet, 1978: Glozel – Corpus des Inscriptions, GLO-52.5: Éditions Horvath,Roanne

Small seal script character: Shuowenjiezi: research tool in Chinese traditional philology: