The Cave Script Translation Project began one evening in August 2011 when I came across an article by Genevieve von Petzinger. Ms von Petzinger has been studying the geometric signs and symbols found in rock art. She has identified 26 symbols that appear repeatedly in rock art, and has compiled a chart of those signs¹.

I realized that some of the symbols in Ms von Petzinger’s chart share a common root with Chinese. Since August 2011, I have used Chinese as the key to deciphering examples of Cave Script. I have also used what I have learnt from the Cave Script translations to gain new insights into the Chinese language.

My work has not been independently verified. However, I feel confident that the Cave Script Translation Project will grow. Some research topics have unanswered questions that only experts with appropriate access to the sites and scripts will be able to answer. By publishing my work on this website, I hope to generate interest in and support for the project. I look forward to seeing answers to some of the many questions that the project has raised so far.

Lynn Fawcett

7 April 2013



1. Worldwide Geometric Signs Chart: Genevieve von Petzinger, 2010: Geometric Signs – A New Understanding: geometric_signs.php