Understanding Cave Script: Seven


Context is relevant to the interpretation of languages. It is mentioned throughout this website. Without the context, it is very easy to get a translation wrong, or because of the fragmented nature of the examples of Cave Script that have been published, it may not possible to translate at all.

Interdisciplinary Study

To date examples of Cave Script have been studied by a diverse range of experts, but because it is not recognised as writing, no attempt has been made to study the script in a systematic fashion.

I would like to see a system for pooling knowledge, together with a means of adequately rewarding scholars for their contribution to that pool.

Knowledge added to the pool might encompass the following:

accurate copies of the script in the form of photographs, tracings, and virtual reconstructions;

maps of precise locations for components of the document;

information about the environment in the immediate vicinity of a component;

information about the wider environment, for example proximity to a river, or to the sea;

the views of experts in Chinese philology, and;

the views of experts in the subject field, such as zoologists, veterinary scientists, astronomers, geologists and hydraulic engineers.