News: Archive 2014

News September 2014

In August the Cave Script Translation Project celebrated its third birthday.

I have published an article about a pictograph of a lunar analemma.

Lynn Fawcett

5 September 2014

News July 2014

I have revised the article called the Melody of the Black Cow because one of the colours in the left hand array was wrong.

Lynn Fawcett

30 July 2014

News May 2014

I have been very busy with other commitments over the last few weeks. Consequently, the content of the website hasn’t changed.

Some of you might like to try the quiz below.

Lynn Fawcett

12 May 2014

News April 2014

I have revised the article about the area known as the Well in Lascaux.

When I wrote the first version of the article in 2012, I was primarily interested in the glyphs that share a common root with Chinese. At the time, I said that I didn’t know what the bird-man represented. Now I think that I do. Allow me to introduce Young Chǒu.

Lynn Fawcett

11 April 2014

News March 2014

I have recently published two important articles.

The first article travels to a new country, Ireland and a new time period around 5,200 years ago. I have combined a few archaic Chinese characters with ‘modern’ scientific diagrams to conclude that the engravings at the entrance to Newgrange may describe the workings of the structure.

The second article takes a fresh look at the engraved bone from the Abri Blanchard, which was made famous by Alexander Marshack’s study. The Chinese yīn symbol leads to a new interpretation; that of an almanac.

Lynn Fawcett

8 March 2014

News February 2014

I have added a story to the website.

There are a few more articles in the pipe line. I therefore suggest that you drop by again in March.

Xīnnián Kuàilè

Lynn Fawcett

3 February 2014

News January 2014

I am delighted to announce that the site has a new article about what may be an 18,000 year old piece of music in Lascaux.

Happy New Year

Lynn Fawcett

1 January 2014